Jennifer Ryan

As CEO and Founder of BLUEROOT and co-founder and CEO of Croux, Jennifer Ryan is on a mission to fuel local economies beginning with food.

Jennifer Ryan is the founder and CEO of BLUEROOT, a healthy, fast-casual eatery, and the co-founder and CEO of Croux, a technology platform that connects talent with flexible work opportunities at large scale events. Prior to jumping into the hospitality industry, the southern California native spent over a decade working in finance and technology in New York City and Silicon Valley. Since launching BLUEROOT in 2020, she has been recognized as an Alabama Retailer of the Year finalist, an Alabama Restaurateur of the Year finalist, and the Entrepreneur of the Year by Les Dames d'Escoffier. Since launching Croux last year with her co-founders, the company has won the Alabama Launchpad startup competition twice; supported more than 100 local businesses by filling over7,000 open shifts; and put nearly $1 million into the hands of hourly workers through shifts picked up through the app. Through BLUEROOT, Croux, and other ventures, she is on a mission to fuel local economies, which she believes begins -- but certainly does not end -- with food.