Stephanie Stuckey

As Chair of Stuckey's, Stephanie Stuckey has led a major comeback driving sales from $2MM to $14MM. Prior to leading Stuckey's she was a trial lawyer, state representative and Director of Sustainability for Atlanta.

Stephanie Stuckey is Chair of Stuckey’s, known as a highway oasis to generations of Americans. Founded in 1937 by her grandfather, W.S. Stuckey, Sr. in Eastman, Georgia, Stuckey’s grew into over 350 stores nationwide in the 1970’s. But the company was sold and sadly declined for decades under outside ownership. Fortunately, Stuckey’s is now making a comeback thanks to Stephanie and her business partners acquiring the brand in 2019.

Today, Stuckey’s owns and operates a manufacturing facility in Wrens, Georgia that makes delicious pecan snacks and candies. In the past 2 years, sales have grown from $2 to $14 million and retail customers have increased from a few hundred to several thousand.

Stephanie received her undergraduate and law degrees from the University of Georgia. She has worked as a trial lawyer, a state representative, and Director of Sustainability for Atlanta. When she’s not running Stuckey’s, Stephanie enjoys road tripping across America in search of the world’s largest ball of twine.