Growing the Future of Restaurants

We're funding the next class of restaurant entrepreneurs. Small businesses create 2/3 of all new net jobs and account for 44% of the GDP Nearly 90% of small businesses with less than 20 employees are restaurants.

restaurant industry post-covid

Why Is Now a Favorable Time to Invest In Restaurants?

Then In 2020, restaurant industry sales dipped $240B below expected levels to $659B.

As of March 2022, sales are already over 100% pre-COVID 2019 levels.
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10.6x EBITDA multiple
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$200B IPO Activity
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$3.1B+ M&A Activity
surging demand in the restaurant industry

M&A demand and growing sales in the restaurant industry.

These signal an opportunity in the restaurant industry. For over ten years, quick-service and fast-casual restaurants had a median of 10.6x EBITDA, outpacing casual dining restaurant chains at 8.8x EV-to-EBITDA.
why fast casual?

Freshly-prepared, higher-quality food, ordered at the counter, in a casual space.

In 2021, fast casual same-store growth outpaced all other food service categories, including family dining, casual dining, quick service, and upscale casual dining.
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stable + Flexible
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reduced overhead
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Yoy growth
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access to capital
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scalability of operations
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managing development
early stage restaurant businesses problem

Consistent growth bottlenecks make scaling past 3 units unfeasible.

We solve the issues of scalability of operations, managing development, and access to capital by building multi-revenue-channel businesses, deploying the funds, and managing the brand expansion.
early stage restaurant businesses opportunity

Access to capital is only 1/3 of early stage growth.

Our development and investment teams work alongside owners, ensuring the building of scalable operations and management of the brand expansion while the owner successfully runs the business.
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scalability of operations
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managing development
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access to capital
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our process

Rapid growth is possible with our hands-on style of investment.

Our development and operations work alongside our clients, offering education and mentoring. All clients are vetted prior to acceptance into the pipeline.
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Without boots on the ground, capital investment alone isn't enough to grow restaurants. We've got it every step of the way. 

Optimize. Plan. Develop.

The Full Course Difference

Investing with Full Course means the security of knowing each brand has gone through a rigorous 3-phase process to ensure viability and growth potential.
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phase i


Increase Efficiency & Reduce Loss
We optimize the business— streamlining operations; accounting; marketing; and recruiting, team-building, and leadership training—to reduce loss and solidify the foundation for growth. 
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phase ii

Growth Planning

Increase Profitability & Plan Growth
We plan a multi-channel Growth Plan. The diverse channels—franchising, consumer packaged goods, traditional, and non-traditional restaurant development—add long-term value and stability, and reduce short-term risk.
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phase iii


Develop Growth Plan & Build ROIC
Finally, using our affiliated Fund, we develop the restaurant's business per the Phase II Growth Plan, allowing our clients to focus on what they do best: operate their restaurants. 
The Full Course Difference

Growing and Building Stable Businesses

We teach our clients proven systems to overcome the consistent hurdles thwarting growth to unit 10.

High Quality Food Served Fast & Casually

We're supporting the next generation of independent, fast-casual restaurants.

We Like Burgers and also Curries and Empanadas

We know the food that people want
to eat, and  how to position them
for success.

Working Alongside Our Clients

Money works when teams do. Our ops and development teams work with our clients every step of the way.

Owners Retain Ownership

We're a team of entrepreneurs
supporting the next generation of successful entrepreneurs.

Minority Woman-Owned & Operated

We work 143% harder for every dollar we earn (on average) and we tell it like it is.
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