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Growing Restaurants into Thriving Brands

We're charting a new course for restaurant investment by creating fair access to capital, supporting your operations, managing your development and championing your multi-channel growth. All while only asking a minority stake and with no capital calls.

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What are your options for fundraising?

We're doing a series on the different types of fundraising so you can make an informed decision on the best option for you.
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why fast casual?

Freshly-prepared, higher-quality food in a casual space.

In 2021, fast casual same-store growth outpaced all other food service categories, including family dining, casual dining, quick service, and upscale casual dining.
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why now?

Consistent growth bottlenecks make scaling past 3 units unfeasible.

We solve the issues of scalability of operations, managing development, and access to capital by building multi-revenue-channel businesses, deploying the funds, and managing the brand expansion.
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Rapid growth is possible with our hands-on style of investment.

Our development and operations work alongside you, not against you or despite you, offering education and mentoring.
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We are offering a new way of looking at investment. Our innovative approach combines the best parts of venture capital and private equity.

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We offer mentoring and ops support, and leave you the majority owner.

Exactly what you need—we are the best of both—and we do it by design. We offer mentoring, operations support, development management, product development, franchising, and more while only asking a minority stake and no capital calls.

full course is more than private equity

Wait. What is a capital call?

A capital call is the right of an investor to ask you for money for development (and more). And if you can’t pay it, you could lose more equity. We understand the burden that puts on early stage restaurant owners, so simply put: We don't do that.

How does Full Course Investment work?

YOU Remain the owner of your business, even after investment.

Our fund invests in you, while you operate the business, we work as your right hand, overseeing the details of growth.
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First, we streamline and optimize your business operations.
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Then, we sit with you and plan your growth.
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Achieve your business and personal goals in just 5 years.
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