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Your restaurant isn't just a business. It's your dream. Your legacy. That's why we raise our privately held fund. Don't work with just any investor. Partner with investors who want to realize your dreams.

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How do you know your restaurant is ready for investment?

Are your loans and debt documented?


Interested in Becoming an Investor?

We're always looking for like-minded individuals seeking to build a stronger, more diverse and inclusive restaurant industry.
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Who We're Looking For

Restaurants in the casual space (fast casual to casual dining), representing a unique, differentiated offering, and a proven concept with at least one unit (and up to 10 units) who are independently owned, operated, and run by solid leadership team.

What You Can Do

Gauge interest. If you know someone who may be a good fit, first gauge their interest in growth and investment. Ask to make an intro. If they’re interested at all, then ask to make an introduction. Send me an email. Make a warm intro and I’ll take it from there.