LAUNCH Your Business

Your first restaurant begins today. In only 6 months, LAUNCH will turn your dream of opening a restaurant into a game plan for getting it done in our 12-module flow.

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Do you have 5 hours and $500 each month to put towards your dream of opening your first restaurant?

Our LAUNCH program includes: 12 courses, mentorship, tools, and techniques to guide you on a 6-month journey to get ready to open your restaurant.
Module 1

Finding Your Why

Lauren talks about the great resignation.
Module 2

Understanding Lease Agreements

Lauren talks about the great resignation.
Module 3

What’s Your Why

Lauren talks about the great resignation.
Module 4

Start-Up Legal, Banking + Accounting

Lauren talks about the great resignation.
Module 5

Building Your Dream Team

Lauren talks about the great resignation.
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The Tools You Need, When You Need Them

LAUNCH is offered online. Access the courses from your computer, tablet, or phone.

Passion Led You Here

And if passion was all it took, you'd have already opened, right? You know what's preventing you from opening, and we have the tools help you navigate it. Are you ready?

Plan the path to expansion

Our modules guide you to brainstorm, strategize, and document a growth plan, from goals to cost, to expand your brand.

Our growth plans offer a multi-faceted approach to growth. Develop new locations or branch out into non-traditional venues like arenas, airports and universities. Sell your customers' favorite sauce in stores and extend your kitchen experience outside of your four walls. Franchising your optimized business expands your brand's footprint into new markets.

Whatever your vision, our team works with you to achieves your business goals.

Starting a restaurant is like putting together a puzzle.
A boat speeding through the water

Business Support That Continues for the Life of Your Business

Okay, so you've LAUNCHed. You've opened your first restaurant and you're off to the races. Now what?

Now, we invite you to join us for 1:1 consulting, where we help you turn one location into 10, expand your restaurant into best-selling store products and franchise your brand into new markets.

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why launch?

Unlock The Playbook to a Successful First Restaurant

Our expertise runs the gamut of restaurant business. Wherever you need support, we got you.

Proven Tactics from Former Operators

LAUNCH was created by former operators who successfully launched and operated multiple restaurants, and are now sharing their knowledge with you.

Easy-To-Follow Step-By-Step Guides

LAUNCH takes away the unknown and guides you how to efficiently set up the business of your restaurant. Don't guess. Follow tested and proven tactics.

Join a Community of Restaurateurs

With LAUNCH, you're part of a community of driven restaurateurs carving their own paths. Restaurants are run by teams. Building them starts with community.
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