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4 Steps to Becoming an Ally in Your Organization

Latinas are passed over in corporations across every major industry.

No wonder we turn to entrepreneurship to create our own path to leadership.

You can help - vamonos:
In theS&P 100, at least 18 had no Latinas or Hispanic women in senior executive positions. (USA TODAY) This includes companies like Apple, BlackRock, Costco, Netflix, and Simon PropertyGroup. Latino Corporate Directors Association (LCDA) reports that Latinas hold fewer seats on the boards of directors of Fortune 500 companies than any major gender or ethnic group: Just 1%.

You care enough about this to make it this far. Now what? How you can be an ally in your business:

1. Share the playbook. How to succeed should not be a secret used to create disadvantages. There is room for everyone at the table.

2. Be a player-coach. Mentorship matters. It's not enough to just show a path, build a bridge. You have to pull people forward.

3. Provide resources. Minority, immigrant, and other groups do NOT have a level playing field when it comes to professional growth. Worse, as entrepreneurs, we lack access to fair, equitable, and ethical capital and debt vehicles.

4. Make space at the table. We are 19%of the population of the United States and the 4th largest ethnic group in theWORLD. If your board and corporate leadership do not reflect that, consider what it could look like and how powerful it could be if it really reflected the diversity of background, experience, and thought we can bring to you. It costs nothing for you to be an ally.

Everyone matters. We need your support.


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