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DEI Starts with Mentorship, Education, Guidance, and Support

DEI starts with mentorship, education, guidance, and support.

When women, minorities, and immigrants need loans, they look back to their community to self-fund.

Do you know why organized community lending within minority groups is so common?

Because traditional vehicles are not available, for lack of: credit, immigration status, or collateral. And what we have to offer them now as"conscious capital" are micro loans at 18%. Please stop with the glamorization and glory of woke capital that's borderline predatory with the interest rates. I understand needing to place the debt a couple ofpoints above the market to account for risk.

But you know what mitigates risk? Mentorship, education, guidance, and support. I'm not even saying the lender has to provide it, but rather: if these systems are in place, perhaps just an acknowledgment that the risk of failure of the business is lessened. Do you really need to be 10%+above market IR?

So if you want to help improve DEI in small business, let's start there.

*Rant over*

Now let me tell you how FullCourse we plan to be part of the solution in our industry. We invest in a revolutionary way, growing emerging restaurant brands through our proprietary method, which includes:

> restaurant education platform,
> leadership training,
> operational consulting,
> development support,
> a minority equity position,
> full funding for 5 years AND
> no capital calls.

Your move.

Join us today. You can be a:

> Client
> Supporter (follow me and us on all social media @fullcourseofficial)
> Referral Partner (we pay!)
> Preferred Vendor
> Volunteer Mentor
> Guest Speaker (#RisingTide Seminar Series)
> Investor

Interested? Super simple: Schedule a call now.

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