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My Number One Piece of Advice to Working Parents

You're doing great.

Most of us have heard what entrepreneurs, billionaires, CEOs, and influencers have as their morning routine.

I have one too. But at the moment, it is *aspirational* because I'm a working parent with a toddler. And that's OK.

Don't be too hard on yourself if you just need to grab that extra hour of sleep.
Or take time for snuggles.
Or make breakfast three times for a cranky two-year-old.
Or rush to a last-minute doctor's appointment.

It happens. You're doing your best! Aren't we all? Life isn't always easy. Plans are great, but living your life in the moment is way better. I'm going to pour some more coffee. I need it this morning! My morning routine was ALL jacked up ... but you know what? Still going to be an awesome day today. Hope you have one too.

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