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Play the Game or Make Your Own Rules

The two ways to handle the obvious gender and culture gap in business.

I've worked for 20 years in very male-dominated industries as a Latina.

There are two ways to handle an obvious gender and culture gap:

Figure out the rules, and try to play the game -OR- lean into how you're different.

YES: I golf, I smoke cigars, and I love bourbon. I am known to curse like a sailor. But those things are just me - I don't use them to gain access to the "boys club," or to be the "cool girl" that's OK to hang out with.

You don't have to pander to access those "clubs," or closed networking circles.

If you try and play that game, aren't you just perpetuating it?

Why we need women in business, in the C-suite, and on boards and much more on this in my interview with Bridget Fitzpatrick on Atlanta Small Business Network series called The Female Founder.

Follow my honest journey of entrepreneurship, investment, and radical change in the restaurant industry.

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